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  • What is a CSA?
    CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture.” It is a partnership between farmers & eaters. Your early season commitment to the farm allows us to buy the supplies needed for a successful season and in return, you will have access to local, high quality produce. You’ll be able to see and taste the changes of the season as well as branching out and trying new vegetables you wouldn’t normally try.
  • Are you Organic?
    We don’t use any pesticides or synthetic fertilizers on our farm. Our main fertilizers are an organic poultry manure and an organic fish emulsion. We also use local compost and bio-char to help build our soils and produce beautiful veggies. We have not yet pursued organic certification but look forward to that in the future!
  • What can I expect every week?
    Produce varies from week to week, although there are some staple veggies you will see more frequently than others. Spring & Fall members can expect to see a lot of cool-season root crops and greens. Summer members can expect to see a bounty of squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, and beans. All produce will be fresh, harvested the day before or the day of CSA pick-ups. All your greens and root crops will be pre-washed but you’ll need to wash your tomatoes, squash and a few others before you cook them.
  • What if I don’t like something that is in my box?
    We encourage all of our CSA members to try unique, unfamiliar veggies. Part of the beauty of the CSA is that it encourages people to “branch out” from their regular. Currently, we are not allowing trade-outs. If you really don't want something in your box, we will be happy to donate it to Round Top Food Pantry.
  • How long is the season?
    Spring: March 20 - May 8 (8 weeks) Summer: June 19 - August 7 (8 weeks) Fall: October 2 - November 20 (8 weeks) Spring and Fall boxes will have more variety, whereas the Summer box will have more of whatever veggie is being given.
  • Can I sign up for all three seasons, at once?"
    Unfortunately, no. In the future, we would love to provide this option but, for now, it’s easiest for us if you sign up for each season individually.
  • Can I choose the size of my box?
    Each box will be the same size and will be full of 5-8 different vegetables (with the occasional bouquet of flowers or carton of eggs!) A box can feed around 2-3 people.
  • Do we need to bring a box/bag?
    We encourage members to bring their own box or bag to transport their produce. If, for whatever reason, you cannot, then we have black plastic bins you can use with the expectation that they will be returned the following week.
  • Can I volunteer at the farm?
    By all means! We encourage all of our CSA members (and your kids!) to come out to actively participate in activities on the farm. It can be especially rewarding to share in the labor it takes to create the food you consume.
  • What if I can’t pick up my box?
    If, for whatever reason, you cannot pick up your box on a given day, we ask that you contact the farm at at least 24 hours in advance. We will keep your box for you one extra day. You can also send a friend to pick up your box, if you’ve notified us. After one extra day of keeping your box, the produce will be donated to Round Top Food Pantry.
  • Is there a deadline for signing up?
    Yes! The deadline for signing up for the CSA is a week before pick-ups begin. But you'll want to hurry! There are a limited number of memberships.
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