Our pre-order system allows customers to shop for their produce with assurance that they are getting the freshest produce possible. Pick up for pre-ordered produce will be every Tuesday from 3-6 P.M

See What's Growing

Every week, our store page will be updated with what's growing at the farm. These veggies are in the ground waiting to be purchased - now that's fresh!

Choose What You Want

By pre-ordering vegetables from us, you're in charge of what you eat. It's almost as convenient as the grocery store - except this stuff is grown right in Blythewood.

Pick It Up & Enjoy!

After ordering, you will come to the farm on the following Tuesday between 3 and 6pm. We will greet you and get your veggies fresh from the fridge. Pretty simple right?

Here's How it Works


This Weeks Produce

Pickup day: Every Tuesday 3-6 P.M

All of our produce is grown with organic soil amendments. We use organic horse and chicken manure, organic cured compost, and organic Feather meal.